An affordable cup of café

Cleveland CycleWerks Misfit

Cars By Photo by Cleveland CycleWerks

Café racers are all the rage in motorcycling today, but they’re not all affordable, especially in custom format. The vintage feel and echo of yesteryear, coupled with the unique style make for a bike that turns heads. The Cleveland CycleWerks Misfit is a stylish and very affordable café racer that looks the part without stomping on your wallet.

Thought the 250cc Honda sourced Lifan engine isn’t a powerhouse by any means, it’s been re-engineered and counterbalanced for performance and efficiency. Plus, the bike weighs in at a mere 300 pounds, which should equate to decent performance, though you won’t set any land speed records. The highly efficient engine should provide 65 mph under average riding conditions and 100 mpg can be reached under more tame throttling. What’s most impressive is the price, whereby you can elevate to at least ten rungs higher than a Vespa on the ladder of style.

Buy Now: $3,195