The monkey on your back

Howler Brothers Aransas Shirt

Yes, summer is drawing to a close, and there’s a nip in the air at night. But with enough collective willpower and the right clothing, we can prolong the season well into September. If there’s one shirt that can do the job, it’s the Howler Brothers Aransas. Hell, the brand’s full lineup of tropics-inspired shirts, shorts and hats could make the sun shine in mid-January.

The Aransas is the shirt you pack along with a couple of T-shirts and your board shorts for a road trip down to Baja. It’s for those times when a shirt with a collar (or a shirt at all) is necessary to clean up your act when you’re wooing a local girl or trying to talk your way out of a checkpoint bribe. Its cotton/poly blend is soft but crisp, never sweats through and hangs just right untucked. The microfiber-lined pocket that can be used to wipe the sunblock off of your Ray-Bans is a clever touch but the howler monkey logo on the back yoke reminds you not to take yourself too seriously.

(Howler Brothers has extended an offer to GP readers: 20% off purchases when you enter the code “PATROL12” when you check out. Heed the call!)

Buy now: $65