Sonic boom


Tech : Electronics By Photo by KEF

Look around at today’s computers and you’ll see exactly where companies are putting their money. Better-than-high-def screens with touch-sensitivity, ThunderBolt this and that, blisteringly fast graphics cards — it’s all about the visuals. And while we’re not ones to complain about amazing picture quality, it does get pretty difficult to enjoy lightning without any thunder, you know?

Bringing the bang to your personal computer for a few less bucks is KEF, British makers of high-end audio gear that you can’t afford (their MUON speakers reach a stratospheric $200,000), and now, the X300A ($800). With easy plug-and-play capabilities, these hi-fi speakers are made specifically to kit out your PC or Mac. Connecting digitally via USB or available Bluetooth dongle for wireless streaming, the X300A provides clear, lossless 96 kHz/24-bit sound to its 5.25” Uni-Q driver — the same driver found in many of KEF’s much, much more expensive models. Pushing out 150 watts per channel, each speaker contains bi-amped twin Class AB amplifiers: one for high frequencies, the other for mid and low. The result? Finally, some audio that can go toe-to-toe with HD video in a street fight.

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