Putting paper on notice

Kindle Paperwhite

Tech : Electronics By Photo by Amazon

The technology world may be aflutter over tablets, but Amazon has proven that the discrete, Shades of Grey reading public still has a soft spot for dedicated eReaders. The Kindle Paperwhite ($199+) builds on the success of a long line of e ink Kindles while incorporating a new proprietary display for enhanced clarity and readability, in both bright sunlight and complete darkness.

The retooled screen is technically comprised of a patented light guide, a capacity touch layer and then the Paperwhite display, resulting in 25% more contrast and 62% more pixels than the previous generation. The light guide in particular required four years of R&D to create a “flattened out fiber optic display” that’s nano imprinted to keep lighting levels even. Speaking of lighting levels, the device features a battery good for eight weeks with the light on, which breaks down to roughly 30 minutes of evening reading a day. Measuring 9.1mm thick, it’s also thinner than a magazine, and we’d guess weighs less than anyone would care about.

The starting price is $119, while the 3G version bumps things up to $179. Both models will be available starting October first.

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