No peddling for pedaling

Orbea Grow Bike

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Ah, it seems like only yesterday that your little tyke learned how to ride a bike. Wearing his huge helmet and knee pads, nervously pedaling and nearly in tears, what man wouldn’t swell with pride watching his tike tame the two-wheeler. But now he wants a new bike and all you can do is think of how quickly he’ll outgrow it. The Orbea Grow Bike can change all that by delivering a steed that changes alongside your child. Designed by a Spanish bike company, the Grow Bike has an adjustable stem, seatpost and crossbar. The unconventional shape, that doesn’t follow the typical bike frame geometry, lends to a bike that’s easy to ride for youngsters and grows with them in length, as well as height.

From the Grow 0 balance bike, which lets the little ones get used to the feeling of being on a bike, to the Grow 2 7V 20″ bike, which will easily fit them when they’re busting out with pimples, Orbea has the right geometry to last longer than the off-the-shelf option — but not quite long enough to get them into their own apartment. Built with lightweight and resilient materials, the bike should last five to seven years, versus the typical two to three year cycle for most kids’ bikes. So the next time your kid realizes (and wants) a new bike, you can just head to the garage to make the necessary adjustments. Too bad you can’t do the same for his laptop.

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