Philips S10 Cordless Phone

Tech : Electronics By Photo by Philips VIA

You get the call — but your cell phone is charging/buried in your gym bag/temporarily lost. While most landlines have gone the way of the dodo, the Philips S10 Cordless Phone re-envisions the now retro (how old does that make you feel?) appliance — and, somehow, it’s not entirely ridiculous.

Using Bluetooth, the S10 conglomerates up to two mobile phone lines and your land line. Incoming calls ring to both your mobile and the S10; if you pick up the cordless, you have 50 meters of unfettered range. Contacts can be permanently uploaded or temporarily “shared” while your smartphone is at home for greater privacy, and caller blacklisting lets you silence unknown or specified callers. A 3.5-inch capacitive touchscreen makes the unit an iPhone doppelganger, and the high quality sound timbre is even selectable from five options. No word on price, but Philips’ niche device will likely be outside most discretionary budgets. For those who can manage the cost, the only decision left is where to place the base station — the poolhouse, the smoking lounge, or the library.

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