There is a war in this forest

Fear and Desire Blu-Ray Edition

Culture By Photo by MoMa VIA

Fear and Desire, celebrated director/producer Stanley Kubrick’s first attempt at film making, is a must-have for film aficionados. The movie follows four soldiers caught behind enemy lines as they battle, physically and psychologically, to return to safety. Directed, produced, shot and edited by a 24-year-old Kubrick, the Howard Sackler screenplay is intriguing in its examination of futility and dehumanization. Beyond its appeal as a classic war movie though, Fear and Desire is a piercing glimpse at Kubrick’s early experimentation and development, including many of the cinematic calling cards that eventually cemented him as a celebrated American film maker. Now the rare movie is available for fans in the Fear and Desire Blu-ray edition ($30).

While elements of the movie originally received critical praise, Kubrick disowned it as instructive and amateurish — it’s even rumored that the director spent years trying to acquire all of the original prints to keep it from being seen again. Fortunately, a few copies survived, and the George Eastman House restored one that was discovered in a Puerto Rican film laboratory. Now available for pre-order, the Blu-Ray edition also includes a remastering of Kubrick’s short film The Seafarers — ensuring Kubrick fans everywhere a gem for their collection.

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