Kickstarter: Impossible Instant Lab

Tech : Cameras By Photo by IMP P.

Instagram may be the Polaroid of the iPhone generation, but who says you can’t take your filters and print them too? The global film stewards at The Impossible Project have just launched their Impossible Instant Lab ($189) to make this hipster fantasy a reality. According to the project page, the Instant Lab essentially works by taking a photo of your phone’s screen when it’s placed on the integrated cradle and is modeled after the aesthetics of the classic SX 70. Just select any photo via the Instant Lab app, slide the shutter open on the lab hardware and wait for the notification that the exposure is finished. Soon after, a physical photo is printed out, ready to develop in the open air. When you’re done, just collapse the lab for easy portability to your next PBR kegger.

The project is also much further along than other Kickstarter vaporware, since The Impossible Project has already enlisted Professor Achim Heine, the industrial designer who designed the Leica Digilux 1 in 2002, and a group of highly-skilled analog camera engineers at DHW Fototechnik in Braunschweig, Germany, for production. A pledge of $189 or more helps The Impossible Project ramp up production and gets backers a newly minted lab, expected to ship mid-February 2012 at a steeply discounted price. Make sure to keep a sharpie on you though, since those hashtags still won’t write themselves.

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