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The Glenfiddich Rare Collection: 1974 Vintage Reserve

Culture By Photo by Glenfiddich VIA

We like a wee dram (or two) of quality Scotch during special occasions with good friends or our better halves. While plenty of quality bottles in the $100-$200 range will do the trick for most, getting a chance to sip the Glenfiddich Rare Collection: 1974 Vintage Reserve (~$800) is a reason for celebration all on its own. This unique spirit was born from the biggest selection panel in the history of the Vintage Reserve line made up of 13 other Glenfiddich brand ambassadors, including the owner of the world’s largest Glenfiddich collection, and chaired by master distiller Brian Kinsman. It was also vatted in more than one cask to increase availability — a rarity for Glenfiddich’s single malts, but good news for Scotch fans around the globe.

The resulting 36 year old 93.6 proof single malt is distinguished by “rich, spicy oak notes and an amazing vibrancy for whisky of this age” according to Brian Kinsman, with a nose that “is rich and oaky with vibrant vanilla sweetness and an intriguing hint of polished leather and liquorice.” While production is wider than normal, only a 1,000 bottles are available, 35 of which made it to the U.S — meaning it’s still a drink destined for the bars of the 1% or a few incredibly fortunate scotch addicts.

Editor’s Note: If you’d prefer using this kind of cash towards car payments, Glenfiddich’s Snow Phoenix is a rare and far more affordable offering (available only in duty free shops) that’ll impress friends and your tastebuds.

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