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Griot’s Garage Vintage Racing Signs

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If you’re the kind of guy who enjoys antique automobiles and vintage style, but not interior design, Griot’s Garage Vintage Racing Signs are a perfect (and easy) decor choice. Reproduction prints of 20th century race posters, the signs are printed and powdercoated on 24-gauge steel with rolled edges and holes with grommets for quick hanging. From the 1913 Milwaukee Auto Races to the Israel Grand Prix 1970, each poster is an accurate reproduction of the colorful, eye-grabbing original race artwork that drew many a fan to an exciting day at the track. The signs are roughly 11.5×17 inches, so you don’t need a huge space to hang one or even (more likely) a whole bunch. Just don’t imagine they give you carte blanche to wear driving goggles and a scarf while cruising in your Chrysler K-Car Convertible.

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