Mr. Miyagi-sized

Kawasaki Ninja 300

Cars By Photo by Kawasaki VIA

Rubber, nuclear green paint and ninjutsu are a winning combination — at least when it comes to motorcycles. That’s been the magic formula for Kawasaki since the 1980s, when the Kawasaki Ninja hit the market like a flying sidekick to the esophagus. Numerous versions have found success, including the ZX-14R Ninja, a 200 mph rocket sled of a motorcycle that’ll blend your organs like an infommercial juicer. But the king of sales is actually the baby brother Ninja 250. For the 40th anniversary of the Ninja, Kawasaki has re-engineered its bread-and-butter bike in the form of the Kawasaki Ninja 300.

Now with 50 additional ccs of displacement for its four-stroke parallel-twin engine, the Ninja 300 also gets a brand new direct-injection engine with a 20 percent increase in horsepower, up to just shy of 39 ponies. The 300 also boasts new air induction, frame, suspension, brakes, and wheels. Kawasaki’s brought big sportbike technology — like a floating windscreen and a more aggressive fairing and wheels — to the smaller-displacement bike wars, and the rider profits. The bits make for a fantastic entry-level sport bike: the Kawasaki Ninja’s reputation continues to shine. The 300 will go on sale soon, though pricing has not yet been announced.

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