Kia what?

Kia Quoris

Cars By Photo by Kia

Kia’s old flagship, the Amanti, sounded like a boxed wine for pansies. The newly announced Kia Quoris takes a step forward in the naming department, but it could still be confused for an obscure animal body part (as in, “The hunter shot the antelope right in the Quoris“). Bizarre nomenclature aside, the Quoris is true luxury sedan designed to compete with the German elite, bucking Kia’s stereotype as a budget-conscious car maker.

Truthfully, the Quoris is essentially an Americanized version of the successful Korean K9 sedan, looking like the illegitimate offspring of a BMW 7-Series and a Maserati Quattroporte. Though no powertrain or performance details have been released for the luxo-barge, it will be infused with some of the latest safety measures in auto-dom like adaptive cruise control, collision warning and mitigation, blind spot detection and lane departure warning — all just in case your brain, eyeballs and feet don’t work particularly well. Because Kia’s making a lot of headway in the industry, this car will certainly be one to look out for when it arrives on our shores at the end of 2012. The real question is, what does Kim Jong Un tote his new bride around in? A Kia K9/Quoris or a Hyundai Equus? Unfortunately, neither will change the fact that what he really needs is a new haircut and at least 30 days of P90X.

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