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The barefoot running trend is now a well-worn path: by eliminating the corrective, cushioning components of traditional running shoes, humans can return to running the way we did eons ago while chasing down antelope on the savannah. Most barefoot running shoes are, by nature, minimalist in design and construction. But the SKORA Form ($185), while devoid of a heel counter and cushioning midsole, is anything but skimpy.

The Form is designed with a wide toebox for optimal metatarsal spreading and a “zero-drop” sole that keeps the heel on the same plane as the rest of the foot to encourage ideal running form. It eliminates hot spots and chafing by using off-center lacing and eschewing a tongue; a Velcro strap at the heel fine-tunes fit. But while these shoes are built for putting in the miles, you might find yourself wearing them other places too, thanks to buttery-soft goatskin uppers and sheepskin lining from Pittards along with decidedly urban styling. In this case, minimalist doesn’t mean it can’t be versatile.

Buy now: $185