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The New Apple iPod Nano and iPod Touch (2012)

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Unveiling a new iPod along with the new iPhone is becoming a bit of a tradition, so it’s no surprise that a shiny new iPod Touch and iPod Nano were rolled into today’s big iPhone 5 launch. As usual, the Fifth Generation iPod Touch ($299+) takes its cue from many of the features from the iPhone 5 : the same larger, 4-inch retina display, a slimmer (6.1 mm) and lighter (88 grams) anodized aluminum design, 40 hours of battery life, the new lightning connector, a rear-facing 5MP iSight camera, which includes a flash for the first time, along with a front-facing camera that records 720p video, and even Siri for the first time. Its A5 dual-core processor, however is the same chip that’s used in the iPhone 4. There’s also a larger emphasis on gaming with airplay mirroring for AppleTV owners — hinting that Cupertino is gunning for the console gaming market now more than ever. Unlike last years black and white offerings, the Touch is available in interesting tones of red, yellow, blue, black and gray and is available for pre-order September 14th; it ships September 19th.

Read on about the new iPod Nano after the break.

The iPod Nano ($149) has also been completey redesigned for the billionith time, reverting back to the candy bar styling of earlier generations. It’s much longer now, with a large 2.5-inch multi-touch screen, 16GB of internal storage, physical controls on the side, 2.5 inch screen (a big screen for the size), a home button, and a distinct round icon interface. Other neat new features include an FM tuner, radio DVR for playing back missed audio, a fitness pedometer, bluetooth and the new Lightning connector for charging. Just like the Touch, it’s available for pre-order September 14th and ships September 19th.

New EarPods promising better sound and fit along with a sleekly redesigned version of iTunes — featuring upgrades like a new mini player and drop down window for playlist editing — round Apple’s music-device fanfare. Looks like you’ll be seeing white earpieces and bobbing heads for a long time to come.

Buy Now: iPod Touch: $299+ | iPod Nano: $149