Home upgrades for the brofessional

Duesenberg Lighting

Home By Photo by Duesenberg

There are marque moments in every man’s life. Somewhere between did-you-wake-up-on-the-floor-again and congratulations-you’re-a-father is moving into your own grownup place. You’ve gotten real seating, a nice bed and finally replaced your Taco Bell cup collection with actual glassware — so what are you still doing with that torch lamp from your undergrad dorm? Step up and enlighten your space with some mature pieces from Duesenberg Lighting. The New York–based company offers a variety of options made from non-Ikea materials like nickel, aluminum, glass and wood to class up your personal juke joint. We’re partial to the Nos. 3, 7 and 8 in Duesenberg’s 21st Century collection ourselves, but you’re a big boy now. You can make your own decisions.

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