Nikon D600

Tech : Cameras By Photo by Nikon VIA

The much-anticipated Nikon D600 ($2100) is a new prosumer DSLR that provides a similar, albeit slightly watered-down set of specs compared to the lauded D800 for roughly a grand less, while also undercutting the competition from Canon and Sony.

Despite the price differences, the new rig maintains a similar feature set to its bigger brother, including a 24MP sensor that boasts an identical ISO rating of 100 to 6400, a fast Exspeed III image processor capable of shooting 5.5 frames per second, autofocus down to F/8 and cinema-quality 1080p video capture in 30/25/24 fps — all in a weather- and dust-resistant magnesium alloy body that’s 15% lighter than the D800. What it loses — some on-the-fly adjustability in video mode, sensor resolution, and 12 fewer auto-focus points — shouldn’t turn the stomachs of too many consumers in this market.

Buy Now: Kit $2,697 | Body Only $2,100 (Available September 18th)