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Tasting Notes: Mariposa Agave Liqueur

Culture By Photo by H.H.

Mariposa is the Spanish word for butterfly, and for Heaven Hill Distilleries’ (makers of Evan Williams, Elijah Craig, Rittenhouse Rye and yes, Hpnotiq) it’s also a new brand designed to flutter around Mexico’s exclusive international right to the name “Tequila”, which can only be applied to agave spirits made in the areas in and around the town of Tequila.

The new agave “tequila like” liqueur is a blend of tequila, vodka, agave, rose water, and geranium in a bottle that looks a lot like tequila, only slightly softer and friendlier. It might seem odd to mix tequila and vodka (there’s no rule here, like beer before liquor, never sicker), but the point of Mariposa is to be soft and easy, like a little butterfly, and the combination of vodka and agave does smooth out the tequila.

As you’d assume from that list of ingredients, Mariposa is girly drink, highlighted by strong floral notes – so forget about convincing anyone that you’re knocking back a man’s drink. At 30% alcohol, however, it is a great liqueur to have on hand for a woman who drinks but doesn’t really drink (or your friend who only chugs Zima). Mariposa also makes the easiest, fool proof, might-get-you-laid cocktail on the planet. Fill a champagne flute with 1/3 Mariposa and then fill the rest with champagne. She’ll love it, and you won’t care how bubbly or floral it is. Look for it in select liquor stores now.

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