Bamboo shoots

Soul Poles

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Two former World Cup Alpine skiers, Erik Schlopy and Brion Friedman, had an epiphany: In a world without snow, skiing doesn’t go over too well. So they set out to develop ski poles made from sustainable materials in a climate-friendly fashion. The results are Soul Poles ($99+), high-tech ski poles made from a decidedly low-tech material: bamboo.

Though the Asian flora seems an odd choice, Bamboo features high strength-to-weight ratio and flexibility, both good traits in a ski pole. Hand-built right in Utah, Soul Poles come in naked bamboo Originals ($99+) or flashily (low VOC, water-based) painted Vibrants ($175+). Straps, handles, baskets and aluminum tips are all made of recycled material. For a bit more green you can get yours customized with your name or a logo. Either way, you can carve up the slopes with a clear conscience.

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