No Brainer

ICEdot Crash Sensor

Tech : Electronics By Photo by ICEdot VIA

Statistics don’t look good for male cyclists: 200,000 traumatic brain injuries are attributed to recreational accidents each year; two-thirds of cycling injuries involve damage to the noggin; and men are more than twice as likely to mangle their melons than women.

A good helmet is an obvious must-have, but in absolute worst cases the ICEdot Crash Sensor tips the safety odds in your favor. The ingenious little device, which will be available next year, is the size of an antacid tablet and sticks unobtrusively onto your helmet. Paired with its smartphone app, the ICEdot sensor reports motion, changes in force and any impact right to your mobile device using a low-energy Bluetooth profile. In the event of a tumble, the sensor automatically initiates an alarm on your smartphone, giving you thirty seconds to get up and cancel the alarm before a distress call goes out to pre-chosen emergency contacts and first responders. Importantly, the sensor gives out your precise GPS coordinates to ensure help arrives as quickly as possible. And why only use it for biking? If you’re in to skiing, climbing — any helmet-needed sport, for that matter — get it, and stay safe.

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