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NFL Game Rewind

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If your fandom/fantasy addiction borders on the insane, NFL Game Rewind ($35+) will only steepen a downward spiral of screaming at the television. The online service allows subscribers to replay any game from the 2009-2011 and current regular season on their computer or tablet. If you only bleed blank & blank colors, you can also subscribe to just one team’s games. Rewind includes DVR-like controls and timeline markers that indicate big plays, allowing you to instantly skip to the most important parts of the game. The service even offers an option to view a condensed replay, showing you an entire football game — minus downtime time and commercials — in roughly 30 minutes.

However, the biggest weapon in the Game Rewind arsenal is Coaches Film, an option that allows viewers to watch the game from 22 different angles (plus the end zone) with analysis from the pros. With that many angles to watch all 256 regular season games, there’s no excuse for failing to build a Belichick-sized video library of intel. If extensive play-by-play of one game isn’t enough, you can view two or even four games all at once with picture-in-picture. Anything beyond that, and you should probably start applying for offensive coordinator positions.

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