Tower of power

Exogear Exovolt Plus

Tech : Electronics By Photo by Exogear

Portable battery power for your gear is always practical but obviously very finite — and, usually, pretty dull looking. The Exogear Exovolt Plus stackable battery tackles both downsides by providing unlimited expandability and a look that seems to tap into Cupertino’s sleek monochromatic simplicity. The 5,200mA Lithium Polymer Battery Main Unit ($90) provides power on its own, but can be paired with any number of 5,200 mA Sub-Units ($50) that stack to create a portable charging monster with 30 pin, USB and micro-USB interface for universal usability. On a budget? Just buy the main unit. Recently inherit an oil fortune? Buy a stack so high you can suck up all of America’s power and ransom it (our lawyers assure us we’re not liable for any Dr. Evil-esque schemes). Though the Exovolt is not currently available, look for it on sale in the not-too-distant future.

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