The Smart ForTwo looks like it’s gone to the crusher, but thankfully, the Smart ForStars concept indicates the potential of Smart’s next generation not-so-pocket rocket. About to take a bow at the Paris Motor Show, the concept steps away from its ultra-mini heritage: at 140 inches, it’s over 30% longer than its stubby predecessor, and about 5.9 inches wider, too. Increased dimensions aside, the real draw to this micro is the built-in video projector hiding behind a fake air intake in the fascia, which allows you to throw up some great Behind The Wheel episodes or a mesmerizing showing of Senna via smartphone or Bluetooth on any wall of your choosing. What about sound, you ask? A full set of speakers resides just aft of the driver and passenger doors for your listening pleasure.

The ForStars is powered by a 60kW magneto-electric motor that provides a decent 100 lb-ft of torque and an unremarkable top speed of 81 mph. Unique additions (beyond turning your auto into a theater) come in the form of a convex glass roof, a power tailgate, hammock-style seats (for the truly lazy) and flip-open taillights that house a charging socket and a bottle holder. If driving doesn’t interest you much, at least you can power your phone, watch a movie, take a drink and then fall asleep under the ForStars.

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