Give your rake the rake

Worx TriVac

Home By Photo by Worx VIA

Sacrificing football time to clean up nature’s litter is an age-old tragedy. The Worx TriVac 3-in-1 Blower/Mulcher/Vacuum ($90) puts leaves in their place (like a boss) thanks to a 12amp motor with an adjustable airflow regulator that can crank out up to 210mph of airspeed in “blower” mode. Then, with a simple flick of the switch, the Trivac’s 350 cubic feet of airflow per minute annihilates piles of leaves, transforming them into gallons of rich garden mulch. The ergonomic and unique angled nose makes cleaning up under low lying shrubs a snap too, and at a mere 8.4lbs, you won’t risk injuring your remote heaving arm lugging it around. Add it to your tool shed this fall and embrace a new level of brutal lawn efficiency never previously known to man, but don’t let your better half know. That is unless you want more things to do you suck up.

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