Sharpening its edge

Motorola RAZR i

Tech : Electronics By Photo by Motorola

Motorola Android smartphone launches seem like a dime a dozen recently, but their latest offering is a cut above and, unfortunately, beyond (as in, beyond U.S. shores). The RAZR i is the new buff uncle in Razr family tree, thanks to its powerful 2Ghz Intel Atom processor, and is the first Moto device to feature Intel’s “Medfield” mobile chips. Other notable advanced hardware includes an 8MP camera, a healthy 2000mAh battery and a 4.3″ edge-to-edge AMOLED Gorilla Glass-coated screen, which counters the over-sizing trend, maintaining a blade physique that fits in less than just NBA-sized hands.

An aircraft-grade aluminum frame, Kevlar back and splash-guard protected circuity should also spare butter fingers an embarrassing replacement phone trip. Sadly, it’s all a tease for North American geeks, since plans were only shared for limited releases in select European and Latin American markets. Costs and actually shipping dates are still unknown, but for early adopters, Provence and Cuernavaca look even better this time of year.

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