Thanks a latte

Starbucks Verismo Coffee Maker

Culture By Photo by Starbucks

If you don’t yet have a single cup coffee maker, you probably will soon. And if you’re a ‘Bucks addict, your buy date just got bumped up. The Starbucks Verismo ($199+) maker takes a big step forward in home coffee brewers, providing a multitude of professional-level drinks in the comfort of your own home.

Where the Verismo really differs from other single-cup makers is its high-pressure system, which allows it to make espressos and lattes. A three-button display lets you mix and match ingredient pods — coffee, espresso and milk — to create a bevy of delicious drinks. In addition to the base model, Starbucks also offers a larger unit ($399) with a bigger water reserve and more temperature options. While figuring out drink “recipes” is slightly confusing at first, it shouldn’t take long before you’re whipping up caffeinated treats like your corner shop barista.

Buy Now: $199+