Winnie-the-Pooh approved


Not yet convinced we’re living in the future? Check out the Therapik ($13), a Star-Trekian device that cures bug bite itch and pain rather than Klingon disasters. The somewhat unwieldy, pen-like creation uses heat — yes, that’s it — to neutralize the discomfort-causing saliva or venom in mosquito, bee, hornet and even jellyfish bites and stings.

It’s a simple solution: the irritants in bug stings and bites are sensitive to heat, and Therapik delivers the right range of temperature to neutralize pain, itch and swelling. Pressing the device’s heat tip on a recent bite or sting for 30 seconds is all it takes. We’re not quite advocates of using the device on every little bug bite (a bit of pain builds character, we’re told), but if you’ve been pincushioned after a valiant attempt at that honey jackpot, Therapik could provide some much-needed relief.

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