Antonio Banderas may not approve

TMDtouch Zorro Macsk

Tech : Electronics By Photo by TMDtouch VIA

There’s a reason museums have signs asking patrons not to touch the art. It’s basic human nature: we like to touch stuff, priceless works of self expression be damned. The TMDtouch Zorro Macsk ($199) delivers the touch capability we’ve been craving on our iMacs, at a reasonable price, and with very little hackery.

The Zorro Macsck (see what they did there?) simply magnetically clips over your existing 21.5″ iMac screen, and connects via USB with no need to upload annoying software or drivers. Unlike its more expensive competitors, the Macsk is not an actual capacitive screen that replaces your existing computer screen. Instead, it relies on a system of infrared sensors to mark your fingers’ every move. Click, scroll, rotate, pinch-to-zoom and many other gestures are already programmed into the system; while there are reports of slight bugs, the China-based company promises consistent firmware updates to keep improving and expanding the Macsk’s capabilities. Let’s be honest, though — flawless gesture control would be fantastic — but you’ll mostly end up using this tech to dominate in Angry Birds. There’s no shame in that.

Buy Here: $199