Out of sight, out of mind

Torino Desk Table

Home By Photo by CB2

Ah, the messy desk. It’s the stuff OCD nightmares are made of, single-handily ruining even the best interior designer’s work with one stray pen. You can continue to kid yourself about getting more organized, or simply swap in the Torino Desk Table ($500) by CB2 and hide your disheveled ways with ease. The lacquered white 57″ wide by 24″ deep surface sitting on a solid white oak stretcher base appears a traditional desk to most — and that’s the point. A gentle pull on its top, however, reveals a hidden area with nine square feet of stash space designed to quickly conceal books, gadgets and other office detritus. There’s even hidden cutouts for keeping wires neatly in line. Mother Teresa once said that “Peace begins with a smile”, but a clean work environment must be a close second, right?

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