Big Specs Come in Little Packages

Falcon Northwest Tiki Micro Gaming Tower

Tech : Electronics By Photo by Falcon Northwest

Gaming towers are synonymous with gigantic frames, furnace heat output and throbbing jet-engine rackets. If you’re the subtle, nuanced gamer — or you just want to attract as little attention as possible while raiding in WOW — the Falcon Northwest Tiki Micro Gaming Tower ($1,800+) should be a prime option. The Tiki is a veritable miniature at 13″ tall by 4″ wide, yet its specs (which are almost entirely customizable) pack a mean punch: Intel 3rd generation i7 processor, Nvidia GeForce 600 series graphics card, bays for two solid state drives and one standard drive and up to 16 gigs of memory.

And it’s not just a raw power machine — the Tiki was specially designed with temperature and sound maintenance in mind. The CPU is liquid cooled, and careful Its exterior has five different themes, from standard black to flames for the flamboyant techie. An optional granite stone base provides class and weight to keep the tiny tower from being tipped over too easily. About the only thing that can’t be added on is actual gaming skills.

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