To the Paper Go the Spoils

Fenugreen FreshPaper

Design By Photo by Fenugreen

According to a report from the Natural Resources Defense Council, Americans throw out approximately 25% of the food they purchase each year due to spoilage. Though we’ve never conducted our own study, the moldy strawberries and wilted spinach in the bottom of our waste bins suggest that number is fairly accurate. To combat this problem, Harvard-based (of course) Fenugreen has created FreshPaper ($5).

Available in packs of 8, FreshPaper is much like a dryer sheet, except, you know, for food. Each biodegradable, organic sheet is dipped in a solution of herbs and spices that inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungus while slowing the processes of over-ripening enzymes. Simply place the sheet in a bag, refrigerator drawer, bowl — wherever you store fruits or vegetables — and FreshPaper will extend the life of your produce by two to four times. The upstart has already gained traction with groups like Popular Science, so it’s safe to say they’re legit. Just don’t go stuffing all eight sheets into one bag of strawberries thinking you’re going to be eating on them come December. It’s science, fools, not magic.

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