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Design Spotlight: Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrow of the Seas

September 26, 2012 Cars By Photo by Mercedes-Benz

If sporting the three-pointed star on land just isn’t enough for you, aim your vehicular aspirations to the water. Mercedes-Benz’s plans to broaden their design chops to more than just cars are officially under way, mimicking Porsche-like endeavors. Mercedes and U.K.-based Silver Arrows Marine have partnered to create the high-end, 46-foot Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrow of the Seas yacht. Renderings have been released on a concept that will drive the production of the big German boat in 2013.

Mercedes has applied their design language both inside and out, while Silver Arrows Marine will contribute technical equipment and actual yacht construction. The overall look of the boat is both sleek and powerful, in typical Mercedes style, with space galore and modern accommodations. No word on pricing or power, but if it’s a Mercedes-Benz watercraft, expect it to be both pricey and quite necessarily over-powered. In light of that, it’s probably not a good idea to try doing the ‘Titanic’ move at the bow.

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