Briefings: Getting Away, Crazy in India, Beer Politics, D.C. Shooter and Nick Offerman on Meat & Life

We like to think of this week’s briefings as a sandwich. An interview with Nick Offerman about meat (and canoeing, and woodworking, and acting) is the meat. An NFL officiating expert demonstrating how to pick life over work is the philosophical meat. Westerners going crazy in India is the intriguing, creepy meat. A shooter’s remorse and description of the D.C. area shootings ten years ago is the disturbing, “that-was-scary” meat. A graph relating beer and politics is the brew you down while devouring your sandwich of meat. (We’re working on our metaphors.)

Did we mention it’s the Month of Beef?

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1. What to Ponder | What Your Beer Says About Your Politics

“Which candidate would you rather have a beer with?” is cliche — but “What beer would you have with that candidate?” Now that’s a question. A high-alcohol bomb, to try and get some actual candid thoughts out of him? A Bud Light while talking jobs growth? Michelob Ultra while discussing our nation’s obesity epidemic? As for the legitimacy of the data combination… after a few drinks, the science starts to look more legitimate.

2. What to Imitate | Fox Sports’ Head Ref Analyst Goes AWOL

We know work is casually sucking away bits of your soul on a daily basis — that is, after all, why we strive to bring you a brief getaway of cool items (and funny, delightful briefings). Mike Pereira, our favorite voice of reason during heart-stopping NFL video reviews, figured out how to get away, and we mean really get away, during one of the biggest replacement referee gaffes of the season. And it all worked out fine.

3. What to Meditate On | India Syndrome

Turns out spiritual enlightenment isn’t as easy as Batman Begins made it seem. No, you can’t just train with Liam Neeson, take scary drugs and then kick everyone’s ass. Even if you’re realistic about it (forgive us, we try to avoid that at all costs), in some cases the psychological results of attempted transcendence are downright scary: refining your spirit can lead to your loved ones refining your missing persons report.

4. What to Remember | An Interview With Lee Boyd Malvo, D.C. Shooter

What is evil? Shooting and killing 10 innocent people in a random shooting spree over a period of 21 days is, in an understatement, heinous, shocking and utterly destructive. One of the men behind the egregious acts tells his story. A monster? Perhaps. Hone your moral compass and remember the victims by reading this stirring article.

5. What to Swansonize | Nick Offerman, Man’s Man

The actor behind Ron Swanson — who’s given us unaccountable wisdom and life lessons (“The key to burning an ex-wife effigy is to dip it in paraffin wax and then toss the flaming bottle of isopropyl alcohol from a safe distance. Do not stand too close when you light an ex-wife effigy”) — reveals the man behind the character. He’s not the same as the bacon-and-eggs devouring Libertarian he plays (a pipe dream, sadly), but is just as awesome.