No espresso needed

CRD BMW R100RT “Ruby Ring”

Cars By Photo by CRD VIA

“Café racer” was originally a derogatory term, identifying a poseur-type of motorcyclist who typically rode from coffee shop to coffee shop without doing any real riding. Luckily, the category has outlived ridicule to become one of the best retro styles around today, as exemplified by the Cafe Racer Dreams BMW R100RT “Ruby Ring”.

With the help of BMW specialists MaxBOXER, Spanish bike-building company CRD built “Ruby Ring” from a 1983 BMW R100RT, increasing engine displacement from 980cc to 1040cc and adding new valves, a dual-plug ignition system with programmable mapping, Dell’orto carburetors and a custom GR exhaust. The forks have been rebuilt and the rear structure is brand new, creating a pleasing, if alternative, aesthetic. CRD even saw fit to give the bike some knobbies, lending a bit of off-asphalt ability. The handsome custom paint job sports deep ruby-red and gray powder-coat, which results in an absolutely stunning bike to accompany the sweet power upgrade.

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