Rise and Grind

Baratza Virtuoso

Culture By Photo by Baratza

Regardless of what those holiday commercials suggested as you were growing up, you can’t get excellent coffee by just scooping it out of a refrigerated red container. Grinding fresh beans is the fastest way to improve the quality of your coffee, but the way you grind is a big question mark. The Baratza Virtuoso ($249) is a gearbox-driven, conical burr grinder made for the in-the-know java set.

Burr grinders give you a more consistent grind on your beans, which in turn means a more consistent extraction of flavor — not to mention that you can dial in the fineness of your grind with 40 settings that provide a grind range of 250–1200 microns. That means consistent, uniformly sized grounds for espresso, drip and press brewing methods. The Virtuoso’s 8-ounce hopper stores just the right amount of freshly roasted beans (any larger, and the excess beans could begin deteriorating), and a 60 second timer plus front-mounted pulse button make sure your grind is just right. The next step in taking control of your own coffee destiny? Weighing your grounds/water ratio for the perfect cup. Once again, Baratza’s got you covered with their Esatto ($169), a scale accessory that integrates readily with the Virtuoso. Grind on.

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