Our passion for motorized vehicles runs deep. Probing our collective hippocampus and limbic system would likely point to R/C cars as the culprit for our obsessive automotive affinity. Sharing this passion, Mammuth Works has taken the formerly mundane R/C car to (pre?)historic proportions, quite literally, with their Mammuth Rewarron project. This remote-controlled vehicle has been handcrafted and assembled using the wheels, engine, and rear-axle of a mini-quad, but sports completely custom running gear, shock-absorbers, springs, trailing arm and steering mechanism. This makes the Rewarron the largest R/C out there, not to mention fast as hell. Using an eerily familiar crowd funding platform called, pleasefund.us (clever), the team has high hopes for raising enough dough to turn this money-pit of a hobby into a retail merchandising dream for millionaires still clinging to their childhood. The way they see things, it’s all about making your toys grow up, rather than outgrowing your toys.

Buy Now: ~$16,165