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MoB | Contest: Show Us Your Beef, Win Some Steaks

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Update: Well folks, it’s about that time. Grill ’em if you got ’em. Put all your beef down on the table. More specifically, send in your beef photos. We pick five winners tomorrow, and you can’t win if you don’t try. So rush to the supermarket. Bomb over to your favorite butcher shop. Get beef, take photos, eat well. And maybe you’ll win $100 worth of Pat LaFrieda steaks. Need some inspiration? Check out the submissions so far.

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You may have heard that the month of October is all about beef here at GP HQ. But while we’ll be gnawing our way through the upcoming days and weeks, there’s a good chance you might be partaking in some beef eating of your own. The way we see things, we’re all in this together, so we’d like to reward those willing to share in the carnivorous challenge by keeping you in the beef.

Specifically, we’re offering $100 worth of Pat LaFrieda steaks to five lucky beef eaters willing to share photos of their beef eating exploits. So whether it’s a piping hot porterhouse you’ve just fired up for dinner, a double cheeseburger inhaled on the go, or a stick o’ street meat (that may very well not be beef) we wanna see it.

To enter, simply hashtag photos on Instagram or Twitter with #MoB and include @gearpatrol in your comment so we can find you. Follow us while you’re at it. Or just email shots from your phone or home to beef [at] Yes, that’s a real email addy. If you’re feeling particularly bold, tell us what you’re eating and where you’re eating it too.

Throughout the month, we’ll be sharing beef photo submissions on GP and pick five winners come November 1st. The more the beefier. What are you waiting for? Fire up the camera app and show us the beef.