Style Pick: Crescent Down Works Total 60/40 Italian Vest

Style : Clothing By Photo by The Bureau VIA

Timing vest season is tricky — like End of Days math. While we’re no Harold Camping, we do know that the window for warmer chests with free and easy arms is quickly approaching. If you don’t have a down body koozie already, the Crescent Down Works Total 60/40 Italian Vest (~$343) is worth a gander. The Seattle based outfit’s wares are made in the USA with a water-repellent 60/40 fabric and packed with 100% Goose Down Fill. The hood is also detachable and features a velcro fastener if the weather gets nasty. Available in black, blue, blaze-orange and chestnut — pick one up now and liberate your limbs while you still can.

~$343 |