Twinkle, twinkle...

Map 1: The Northern Sky

Home By Photo by Stellavie

Stellavie is an art and design firm based in Hamburg, Germany. Specialising in prints, engravings, greeting cards and paper based lampshades, Steffen Heidemann and Viktoria Klein’s work is clean, precise and limited in supply. Their latest offering, Map 1: The Northern Sky ($78), is an amazingly detailed silkscreen of the stars and constellations that most New Yorkers haven’t seen since the blackout of 2003. Limited to just five-hundred prints, each 20 by 27.5 inch celestial survey is hand pulled on two-hundred gram per square meter stock, using a custom mixed pale blue on a navy backdrop. The result is a beautiful reminder of just how clever or lucky the nautical navigators of yore really were. And you thought working through Apple Maps was rough. Stellavie doesn’t do reprints, so once they’re gone, you’ll have to go camping to find Orion’s belt. The first one-hundred will even be sold at a discount ($55), so go ahead and promise her a night under the stars big guy, we’ve got you covered.

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