Star struck

Papafoxtrot Space Fleet

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You may be confined to your desk for most of the day, plugging away at eye-burning Powerpoint charts and brain-melting spreadsheets, but your imagination is still free to roam when everything else shuts down. All the happy thoughts in the world won’t send your boss into orbit, but Papafoxtrot can distract you from the paper shuffle pain with their spectacular Space Fleet ($126).

Designed by the wizards at Postlerferguson, the collection consists of miniature recreations of five unmanned spacecraft — all made with laser etched stainless steel components, gorgeous natural maple wood and matte white and glossy red finished plastic. Choose from the Spektr-R, GEOTAIL, Cygnus, Dragon, or ORS-1 for $32 each or the entire collection for $126. We figure with this collection, Papafoxtrot has dominated air space, and with their previous releases, they’ve also got land and sea conquered. What’s next? We can’t wait to find out.

We’ve got more photos of the entire set after the break.

Buy Now: Individual Satellites $32 | Space Fleet $126