In tune, outsourced

MacKenzie & Marr Guitars

Culture : Entertainment By Photo by Medora Hebert

Guitar lovers will want to own MacKenzie & Marr acoustic ($1,000+) after just a few strums.
Unfortunately, unless your jam session buddy already has one in his basement, you’ll have to buy one of the company’s hand-carved lady magnets before plucking a single note. It sounds strange, but the guys behind these axes decided to eschew the high-end instrument business model to sell their product directly to consumers online, bypassing distributor and warehouse expenses and offering exceptional guitars at a relatively affordable price points.

That’s good news for your wallet, but those savings do come at the cost of outsourcing much of their manufacturing to China — which, to be fair, is the case with plenty of other products out there as well. But before you equate that nugget of wisdom with poor quality, Mack & Marr is quick to point out that they picked China because of it’s burgeoning handbuilt guitar movement — and, after throwing their design expertise, management experience and quality materials into the mix, they’ve created a line of instruments that competes with the big dogs in terms of quality while undercutting competitors in costs, big time. Still on the fence? Consider this: if you’re not satisfied, you can send back your guitar for a full refund. They currently have five models — two in the “Summer Wage” series and three in their more expensive “Legends” series — including the Naked Lady, designed in conjunction with folk singer Tom Rush. Remember, you can’t blame your bad picking (or failure to pick up women) on the instrument.

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