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Bathtub Gin Spreads

Culture By Photo by Bathtub Gin

What happened to drinking in America? It used to be that you wouldn’t come back from lunch without at least a martini or two in you, but nowadays, people won’t even order a beer at dinner for fear of judgement. Personally, we constantly whisper our thanks to whomever invented brunch and gave us an excuse to begin drinking before noon. For those who agree with us, but want to be a bit more inconspicuous in their consumption, there’s Bathtub Gin Spreads ($12).

Nashville-based Bathtub Gin has a big hang-up on two things: homemade jams and handcrafted cocktails. Which would explain why the company creates boozy spreads that have the auxiliary benefit of being able to get you feelin’ good with or without actually drinking. Available in an ever-growing variety of flavors — such as Rum Raisin Mission Fig, Limoncello Strawberry and Chai Cordial Blueberry Apricot — each jam pairs with a coordinating cocktail recipe card and is made from top-shelf liqueurs and organic ingredients sourced from the local Nashville area. Best ways to imbibe? Sandwiches, deserts or, using their included recipes or your own libational intuition, semi-home-made cocktails (fully homemade to anyone who asks).

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