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MoB | Contest: The Great Map of Beef

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Update 2: Well fellow Beefeaters, it’s been a long and arduously delectable Month of Beef. You’ve learned how to braise, order beef online and match your cut with your preparation. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed yourself, tried new things and maybe even gained a few pounds of beef weight. What you’ve also done, for the benefit of every one of our readers, is send in your favorite beef digestion locales. We’re honored that you’ve been a part of this project — and we’re indebted to you for your help. We also have some praise to give out: a congratulations of sorts. You managed, as per our request, to send in at least one great beef restaurant for each and every one of our nation’s 50 glorious states. In doing so, you’ve compiled an epic reference guide to hungry men and women everywhere. Bravo, readers. Bravo.

See the Great Map of Beef below, and see how those who contributed could win a set of Laguiole steak knives.

Update: We’ve sifted through the avalanche of submissions that you beef-ivores sent in last week to The Great Map of Beef and updated this definitive guide with over 100 new outposts for satisfying your meatiest desires. We were happy to see BBQ fans and mid-westerners chip in to shore up those areas on the map — but there’s still plenty of work to do. Specifically, we’re still missing recommendations in several states, including: Wyoming, Utah, South & North Dakota, Iowa, Alabama, West Virginia, Delaware, Vermont, New Hampshire, Missouri and Alaska. If there are burger, BBQ or steak joints in any of these specific locales, or any other state in our glorious Union, for that matter, that we should know about, hit up the form below and enter yourself for a chance to win one of several Laguiole steak knife sets we’ll be giving away at the end of this month!

Every man should have a go-to restaurant to satisfy their need for beef, be it a steakhouse of solitude, a backwoods BBQ shack or a clutch burger joint for a booze-sponging cheeseburger. But what happens when cravings come on the road? You could dive into one of your bi-grill-ion food apps, ask a friend or start googling like a slacker the night before the midterm. Or, you could play a little game we like to call just the beef tip and contribute to what we’re hoping becomes the definitive map for beef eaters in America — a.k.a The Great Map of Beef.

Read below to see how you can win a set of Laguiole steak knives.

Submit the names and addresses of your favorite beef-serving restaurants in the form below or email us at beef [at] gearpatrol.com — and mention what’s worth ordering while you’re at it. We’ll update the map as submissions come in, creating a reference for meat eating lads touring our great country. At the end of the month, a few lucky contributors will be selected at random to receive a Laguiole Steak Knife Set. Best of all, even if you aren’t game to share your secret dining spots with the rest of the world, you’ll at least be able to mooch off of the advice of others.

Editor’s Note: We decided to get the beef broiling for you by populating the map with some of our own team’s recommendations for steak and burger joints. So make sure we haven’t checked off your local favorites already.

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