Can't boil water? Try this.

AquaChef Professional Sous Vide Water Oven

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If grilling, baking, broiling, sauteing and just about any other cooking method you can think of bores you to tears or leaves you shivering in fear, you’ll rejoice to find a new technique with the AquaChef Professional Sous Vide water oven ($160). Similar in execution to the SousVide Supreme we covered late last year, but at a much lower price, the AquaChef handles your food with kid gloves by cooking at low and precise temperatures for extended periods of time. But easy preparation doesn’t mean bland or boring food: the AquaChef produces succulent, gourmet-level fare.

Using the guide and recipe book (they’re served as a free garnish with the water oven), toss your ingredients into vacuum packets, drop them in the removable basket and let the H2O do its work. The water bath provides excellent heat conductivity, and once your food reaches the desired internal temperature, it can remain in the bath and never overcook. The downside: it takes a while. But un-burnable, you say? Sounds like a great gift for Dad.

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