Briefings: Bond Theme, Speaking Scotch, Advice for Advisers, the Boss’s Promise and Louie Takes a Break

The coffee-laden mist rising out of our morning mugs is music to our noses. The cool autumn breeze is music to our jacketed skin. The taste of beef — broiled, fried, chopped or otherwise — is music to our tongues. We’re so happy with melodies of all kinds this week (can you tell?) that we decided to bless you with some of the week’s most wide-ranging, interesting ones. Unlike some of those other rackets around you — your boss’s droning, the insanity-inducing construction next door or your daughter’s obsessive boombox worship of Monsieur Bieber — these should help you get away from it all. Noise therapy, we’ll call it.

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1. What to Study | Scotch Pronunciations

If you’re cultured enough to order a Scotch, you should be learned enough not to sound like a boob while doing it. If the bartender’s still trying to decide whether you ordered Bruichladdich or croaked up a phlegm loogie, take a few minutes to soak up actor Brian Cox’s pert lessons.

2. What to Bond With | A Study of the James Bond Theme

Nothing beats that rush as the MI6 lead man closes the opening scene of a Bond flick with an unthinkably badass action: the screen fades to black, the sweeping, smooth strings creep forward, that paunchy bass stalks in the background… and then BLAM! that glissando-ed, rising scream of the horns blows your mind. Holy crap, we’ve got spy goosebumps right now just thinking about it.

3. What to Mourn | Laughing at Louie

Louis C.K.’s odd humor routines appeal partly because they’re so basely sensible. That’s why we’re disappointed, but not entirely surprised, that the comic is taking a hiatus from his beloved, award-winning show “Louie” to focus on his comedy, family and the direction of the show. Unbeknownst to us, C.K. saw the first three seasons of the show as a trilogy, which again, makes sense. But fear not, as the masturbating, bumbling genius will be back on FX in the not-too-distant future.

4. What to Exhort | How to Give Advice

Some people have it, but most people don’t. No one wants to sound like a jerk, but telling a buddy how to handle a problem is always a touchy subject. I mean, we’re not trying to be pushy, you know? Just… yea.

5. What to Read, Listen and Feel | The Boss, Dreams and Dads

Joe Posnanski, a sportswriter, on several topics very far from sports: his father, young adult stagnation, and Bruce Springsteen’s smoky wisdom.