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TNT Emergency Survival Tool

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Sitting Bull used his hands, your grandfather used a crowbar, and if you use either of those items today you’re being silly. Appreciation of the past doesn’t mean we need to suffer its inefficiencies. When seconds count, lives are at stake, or a nasty camp job needs an ass-kickin, the TNT Emergency Survival Tool ($215+) is man’s best friend. Built by two firemen in Colorado, this life-saving tool boasts a sledgehammer, ram, axe, pry-hook, D handle and pike hook — officially providing you more adversity-kicking options than the current supermarket solutions.

The TNT Tool’s heads are made of high-carbon, heat-treated steel finished with powder-coat paint and their handle is solid fiberglass; asking if they’ll last is like asking if we like Scotch, cigars and a fat rib-eye. We don’t necessarily recommend showing this bad boy off at the office cubicle, but keeping one close at hand for disasters you hope never happen or heavy manual labor seems smart to us. We aren’t firemen, but we do trust the hell out of them. 

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