Fly by night

Casio G-Shock Aviation Series

Style By Photo by Casio

We have yet to see a G-Shock watch that looks as if it couldn’t withstand a few strikes from a jackhammer. The Casio G-Shock Aviation Series GWA1000D-1A ($600) is no exception. This time, it’s geared for pilots and other such world-travelers who need a multi-function watch as formidable as they are.

The GWA1000D-1A (who names these?) features Smart Access technology, which allows for easy changing between home time and world time city, as well as access Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Other whizbangery includes solar powered multi-band atomic timekeeping, a thermometer, and 1/20-second chrono with fly back. Plus, this G-Shock goes a bit more upscale and eschews the standard black plastic for tasty black stainless steel. You may only fly a Cessna, but this watch is all stealth fighter jet.

Buy Now: $600