Whether it’s installing brake pads or inhaling barbecue ribs, things we love involve messes. And until there’s a sink or shower in every single garage, garden or BBQ shack in the country, we’re left to our own devices to get clean. Grime Boss Hand Wipes ($20+) work hard to get you (at least somewhat) presentable.

Hand wipes, you say? Before you make that face, consider that Grime Boss wipes aren’t made to tenderly clean babies’ bottoms — they the tough stuff like grime, grease, paint, adhesives, oils, odors and anything else you can slather on yourself. Made with no harsh chemicals, the wipes have a smooth and a rough side to assist you in your cleaning endeavors, as well as vitamin E and aloe to keep your hands velvety soft. Velvety soft? We may be guys, but we’re not animals.

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