CAPiTA! Capiche?

CAPiTA DBX Snowboard

Unless you’re fortunate (or wise) enough to live near the mountains, purchasing proper fitting binding, boots and boards may be a mere half-pipe dream. But, at some point you’ll discover that skipping the rental headache is the only way to go. When you’re ready to make that jump, the 2013 CAPiTA DBX Snowboard ($500) will be there to catch your fall and turn it into a 540 tail grab McTwist. This do-it-all board has a Poplar/Bamboo infused core, giving you a little softer flex, but just as much snap. The newest iteration from CAPiTA also combines improved tail arcs with elevated reverse camber contact points, making it an easy, forgiving ride and allowing you to maintain good tempo into turns. Now hit those slopes and start shredding while your buddies are strapping into their lame rental boards.

Buy Now: $500