You Are My Sunshine

Design Spotlight: AE Light SolarMine Emergency Lantern

Sports and Outdoors : Camping By Photo by AE Light

The Boy Scouts of America’s motto is simply “Be prepared”. They’re spot on: failing to do so can lead to some seriously bad outcomes when true disaster strikes. The AE Light SolarMine Emergency Lantern ($115) is made to give you light in exactly that unfortunate occasion, and having proved itself during Japan’s horrific 2011 earthquake and tsunami disaster, we think it’s worthy of your emergency kit.

The lantern is designed to go through hell with you (heaven forbid) and keep on shining. It uses a 1.8-watt polycarbonate SMD LED bulb that emits soft white light 360 degrees, running on a solar-panel-charged lithium-ion battery: five hours in the sun give a six hour run time, while eight hours of charging gets you ten hours of battery life; that’s nearly enough to get you through the night entirely.

It’s small, but tough: the Solarmine’s hardy 11 x 4.5 x 1.75-inch ABS plastic body has metal feet that also double as carry handles (it weighs only 1.2 pounds). Both splash-proof and waterproof due to sealed electrical components, the SolarMine can handle any rain squall or misguided drop in the drink. While it’ll be well put to use in any disaster that knocks out power, it’s also perfect for camping, boating or even roadside assistance.

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