Music to your ears (and wallet)

JVC Black Sapphire HDTV

Tech : Electronics By Photo by JVC VIA

The JVC Black Sapphire HDTV ($1,350) may have the surname of an exotic dancer, but when your brand reputation is worth less than a busy night at the club, you need to go bold or go home. While competing manufacturers duel over pixel counts and apps, JVC’s new JLE55SP4000 120Hz 1080p 3D TV is focused on sound, thanks to a built-in 45-watt 2.1 channel system that provides double the out-of-box power of typical flatscreens and includes proprietary XinemaSound 3D. Those specs alone obviously won’t replace a full home theater system; but they do provide enough oomph to question buying that extra soundbar for a better bedroom media experience — particularly if volume is an issue.

The 55-inch set includes integrated wi-fi, passive 3D, an Ambient Light Sensor for automatically adjusting TV brightness, four pairs of 3D glasses, E-LED backlighting and a QWERTY keypad remote for navigating apps like Netflix, Vudu and Pandora. There’s even a SlingPlayer app, which will benefit households who already own Sling hardware and want to stream TV content to another set. We don’t expect this TV to win awards for picture quality or overall performance, but considering its robust sound and internet connectivity for a mere $1,350, the Black Sapphire’s value as starter set for those still hustling for tips (or in need of a spare bedroom unit) shouldn’t be overlooked.

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